3. furoshiki  ~  one for both of us

  4. franco raggi ~ sculpture ~ 1970

  5. agretti ready

  6. The Ingenues, an all-girl band and vaudeville act, serenade the cows in the University of Wisconsin, Madison’s dairy barn in 1930. The show was apparently part of an experiment to see whether the soothing strains of music boosted the cows’ milk production.

  7. pheezy:

    Sometime things fall apart- and when buildings begin to- this measuring device keeps track of the amount of distance created over time, LES 2014. #crack #split #distance #measure #tool #nyc #2014 by mmuseumm http://ift.tt/1f7vIiP

  8. The Last Brucennial opens this Thursday, 837 Washington st NYC come find my sculpture!

  9. Nyc ladders

  10. Im getting lessons in medicinal herb foraging. Comfrey. Milkweed.